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Research Symposia — Full Proposal

Overview and Goals

ASIS&T Research Symposia are scientific research-oriented events that address current, important and emerging topics of interest to the ASIS&T community. Symposia are held independently of the ASIS&T Annual Meetings and may be designed to catalyze and develop new research directions, to build upon existing areas of research, or to facilitate collaboration and knowledge translation with other organizations, industry, and professional practice.

Research Symposia are intended to gather a limited number (40-50) of researchers and/or professionals from diverse backgrounds, fields and career stages to discuss research focused on a specified theme or problem for approximately 1-2 days (or 16 hours of content delivered over a longer period of time). Symposia should promote active engagement and exchanges between participants. Both regional and international Research Symposia may be proposed.

The Symposia organizers are responsible for developing the program and for all local arrangements. Symposia held in 2022 will be virtual. Full proposals will be due by June 27, 2022.


ASIS&T will support Research Symposia in a variety of ways, including modest budgetary support (amount to be allocated annually based on association budget) and assistance with marketing and logistics (e.g., setting up registration, promoting the event through various channels, running the Zoom, etc.).

Proposal Submission

Proposals should contain the following information:

  1. Title
  2. Organizers
    • A proposal is submitted by at most four organizers, with one lead applicant among them. Organizers are not limited to ASIS&T members; however, at least one member of the proposing¬†team must be an ASIS&T member. Proposals from areas underrepresented in the ASIS&T membership or Annual Meeting are welcome.
    • Names and affiliations of all
    • Addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, URLs
    • Brief CV (2 pages per organizer)
    • Prior experience in organizing research
  3. Event summary: Duration, size, location and type of event
    • State the duration and schedule
    • State the estimated
    • Format (Symposia held in 2022 must be virtual)
    • State the type of event
    • List of proposed/invited speakers and/or program committee
    • State the value of this event to ASIS&T members
    • ASIS&T institutional affiliations (Chapter/s or SIG/s), if any
  4. Proposed Symposia Dates (within one year of acceptance of the proposal)
  5. Proposed budget
    • Estimated costs (e.g., AV and tech costs, promotion and publications)
    • Estimated income (fees, in-kind contributions, sponsorship)
    • Amount requested from ASIS&T in support of the event
  6. Description of the symposium theme or problem to be addressed (3-5 pages)
    • Current state of research and important open research questions
    • Description of areas and relevant topical categories (5-8 categories)
    • Goals and outcomes: Symposia should have clearly defined outcomes in keeping with the state of research on the proposed theme or problem. Possible outcomes include:
      • Published articles, edited collections, or proposals for special issues of journal
      • New collaborations or networks; research grant applications
      • Knowledge exchange across disciplines and with industry or community groups
      • Research agendas or roadmaps
    • Equity, diversity and inclusion
        • The proposal should also make clear how global and/or diverse issues have been taken into consideration to be as inclusive as possible;
        • The proposal should include information about how the event will encourage participation from a wide range of researchers and scholars, from diverse backgrounds, career stages, and organizations;
        • To encourage inclusiveness, applicants should address how they will ensure accessibility and diversity with respect to the event (e.g., through funding, supportive technology, childcare etc.)
  7. Proposed Symposium Dates (must take place by end of December 2022)

Review Process

All applications are peer-reviewed by Research Engagement Committee members. The Research Engagement committee will rank proposals and make recommendations to the Executive Committee based on the proposed symposia’s:

  • Quality of proposed program,
  • Value to ASIS&T,
  • Feasibility of plan,
  • Significance of topic/event, and
  • Plans for equity, diversity and

Decisions will be made by the Executive Committee in terms of acceptance, rejection, and revision. Organizers of selected symposia will work with ASIS&T staff and a liaison from the Research Engagement Committee to implement the program.


Full proposals will be due by June 27, 2022. Please complete applications in Word format and email completed submissions to Rebekah Willson (, Chair of the Research Engagement Committee.