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Academic Search Engine Optimization of Web Documents for Google Scholar

Academic search engine optimization, also known as ASEO, is the creation, publication, and modification of scholarly literature in a way that makes it easier for academic search engines to access, interpret, and rank scholarly documents.

Additionally, search-engine friendly academic documents are ones that are written, formatted, organized, and labeled for people who use academic search engines. Successful ASEO implementation communicates.

What do librarians, information architects, and academic professionals need to know about building search-engine friendly documents for Google Scholar and other academic search engines?

In this webinar, SEO pioneer and veteran Shari Thurow will debunk some common myths and misconceptions about academic SEO and show you how to properly optimize different types of scholarly web documents:

Topics covered in this webinar include:

Academic SEO overview

  • 4 fundamental building blocks of academic SEO
  • How to optimize individual document types (PDF, Word, HTML, etc.)
  • The role of metadata
  • Creating and optimizing wayfinders for academic literature
  • Common myths & misconceptions

This webinar includes real-time examples and a downloadable bibliography for academic SEO resources.


Shari Thurow
Founder & SEO Director, Omni Marketing Interactive (

Shari Thurow is a contributing editor for the ASLIB Journal of Information Management. She also served on the Board of Directors of the Information Architecture Institute (IAI) and the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA).

She is currently the founder and SEO director at Omni Marketing Interactive, a full-service SEO, website usability, information architecture, and web design firm.

Shari has designed and promoted sites since 1995 and is a pioneer in the area of search engine-friendly website design. She is the author of Search Engine Visibility and When Search Meets Web Usability.