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American FactFinder and Census Data

David Kraiker, a Data Dissemination Specialist for the U.S. Census Bureau, will guide attendees through the use of American FactFinder to access the most current and relevant demographic, socioeconomic, and housing statistics. Attendees will also learn about Census Bureau programs, geographies and datasets available and how to use the search and navigation features of the AFF.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand what datasets are publicly available and how they can be used in practitioner and academic settings.
  2. Navigate American FactFinder to identify and access relevant datasets.


David Kraiker is a Data Dissemination Specialist with the US Census Bureau. He has worked for the Bureau for over 20 years:  first as a Geographer and then in the current position. He covers upstate New York, parts of NYC, and Northern NJ. He has a bachelor's degree from Clark University and MSc from Rutgers-Newark. He works out of his home in Northern NJ when he is not on the road, and enjoys "revealing" data and mapping options to data learners during his workshops.


Sponsored by the NEASIST Chapter