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Applying FAIR Principles to Ontologies (DCMI)

This webinar addresses ontologies for the semantic web and how FAIR principles could be applied to ontologies. This includes metadata best practices and registries to publish the ontologies as Linked Open Vocabularies ( Objectives are: To become familiar with ontologies for the semantic web and linked data principles; To become familiar with FAIR principles; To understand how FAIR principles could be applied to ontologies.


Dr. María Poveda-Villalón is an associate professor at the Artificial Intelligence Department of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and is also part of the Ontology Engineering Group research lab. Her research activities focus on Ontological Engineering, Ontology Evaluation, Knowledge Representation and the Semantic Web. Previously she finished her studies in Computer Science (2009) by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and then she moved to study the Artificial Intelligence Research Master finished in 2010 in the same university. She has worked in the context of Spanish research projects as well as in European projects such as ETSI STF for SAREF extensions,BIMERR (H2020-820621), VICINITY (H2020-688467), READY4SmartCities (FP7-608711), and NeOn (FP6-027595). She has contributed to the organization of the “Linked Data in Architecture and Construction Workshop” since 2015 edition, the “13th OWL: Experiences and Directions Workshop and 5th OWL reasoner evaluation workshop” in 2016, the “Linked Energy Data Vocamp” in 2015 and the “Catching up with ontological engineering: To git-commit and beyond” tutorial at EKAW2018. Finally, she is part of the W3C Web of Things Working Group.