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Archive and Preservation for Collections Leveraging Standards Based Technologies and the Cloud

The demand for storage for both active archive and long-term preservation in large-scale data environments is growing exponentially and will continue in this fashion for many years to come according to Coughlin Group studies. As the industry continues to morph and evolve around us, meeting this demand is less about finding the right storage technology, operating system or topology but rather about the way the content is stored and managed as more than just "a bunch of files". Careful and pragmatic migration from various generations of storage technologies has been the norm for years while the IT/enterprise-centric space continues to grapple with the volumes of data and the demands of these environments motivated by the desire for low-cost, commodity technologies.

This webinar will focus on standards-based middleware necessary to implement these advanced, scalable Object Stores acting as Storage Abstraction Layers over complex and evolving archive and preservation workflows, storage technologies, operating systems, file systems and more. Leveraging standards based approaches dealing with the unmatched demand seeded in the media and entertainment market, several providers, industry groups and end-users have developed best-practices in this important area, enabling content owners to remain agile and well-protected against this constant change. The presentation will highlight standards body activities, relevant on-premises and cloud-based technologies as well as successful case studies where these approaches are being leveraged for long-term asset protection and preservation today.


Brian Campanotti, P.Eng.
Brian Campanotti is the Chief Technical Officer for Front Porch Digital, leading industry invention and advancement in cloud-based and on-premises global content storage management (CSM), media asset management (MAM) and content publishing, migration and preservation solutions. He is responsible for innovations in the area of cloud-based solutions for “big data” focused on media-centric content handling, delivery, storage and preservation. He was one of the primary inventors of the Archive eXchange Format (AXF) and has been active in standards body activities helping to promote innovation and openness in the industry for more than two decades.

Mr. Campanotti and his team have won Emmy® Awards for their work in content collection preservation technologies and for innovation in serial digital video technology. Mr. Campanotti has founded several start-ups and began his career at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in Canada and holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto.