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ASIS&T Webinar and Discussion: The Role of Information During a Global Health Crisis

Join the authors of the recent JASIST opinion paper "Bo Xie, Daqing He, Youfa Wang, Xi'an Jiaotong, Dan Wu, Kenneth R. Fleischmann, Yan Zhang, Linda H. Yoder, Keri K. Stephens, Min Kyung Lee"; “Global health crises are also information crises: A call to action,” to discuss the role that information scientists should play in addressing the current crisis and preparing for future crises.
In the paper, the authors recommend the formation of “special interest groups within professional associations; specifically, using this paper as a platform, information scientists should meet to develop a “formal” shared research, training, policy, implementation agenda centered around the application of information science to global health crises and then meet with global health (clinical, research, and policy) colleagues to share and refine this agenda and make it the most relevant and impactful.”xa
This webinar and discussion will serve as the first step in moving this action item forward.
During this challenging time, ASIS&T and its members stand ready to address the global information crisis through collaboration and research. In addition to hosting this webinar, ASIS&T has created a a discussion forum on the ASIS&T iConnect site where members can exchange perspectives and research on the topic.
This webinar is free and open to all interested stakeholders. Registration is not required, but to give us a sense of how many participants to expect, it would be helpful if you could take a moment to RSVP and let us know you’re planning to join.
Meeting ID: 256 382 581
To join by phone, find your local number: