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CollectionBuilder: Creating and Teaching Digital Collections with Minimal Infrastructure

CollectionBuilder is an open source project for building digital collection and exhibit websites driven by metadata, hosted on lightweight infrastructure, and powered by modern static web technology. Developed by the University of Idaho Library to provide a viable alternative to bloated infrastructure systems, CollectionBuilder aims to lower the barriers for development and deployment of digital collection sites, while upholding the unique values and perspectives of GLAM institutions. Our approach shifts energy away from clicking buttons on DAMS platform interfaces, and back on creating the clean, polished metadata and objects fundamental to digital libraries--building collections as data.


Evan Peter Williamson is the Digital Infrastructure Librarian at University of Idaho Library, working with Data & Digital Services to bring *cool* projects, *enlightening* workshops, and *innovative* services to life. Despite a background in Art History, Classical Studies, and Archives, he always manages to get involved in all things digital.






Olivia Wikle is the Digital Initiatives Librarian at the University of Idaho. She holds a Master of Library Science from Indiana University and a Master of Arts in Musicology from The Ohio State University, with research interests ranging from ballad singing to topic modeling.




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