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Contextual Inquiry: A Must-Have Method For Your User Research Toolbox

This session will feature two user researchers from a Boston-area company who used Contextual Inquiry to unlock the secrets of physician workflows, starting with just a single question. They’ll talk about how to prepare for a project using Contextual Inquiry, how to engage users and how to distill high-quality qualitative data into meaningful takeaways.


Kate Lawrence
Kate Lawrence is an experienced user researcher focused on the intersection of people and technology. She is passionate about all aspects of user research - from interviewing users to analyzing usage data to understanding how wider trends about technology impact the search experience. Kate is an active presenter and the local and national user experience community and was most recently published in UX Matters.



Deirdre Costello
Deirdre Costello is a user experience professional passionate about discovering how technologies fit into users’ lives and their pursuit of information. She has 5 years of experience in the library industry and a background in research, analysis and writing.