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Copyright, Open Licenses, and 21st Century Teaching Learning Environment: The Key Issues to Consider


The learning environment in the 21st Century is being transformed from teacher-centric practices to learner-centric practices.

Learners are supposed to be engaged more now than at any time before. Institutions started to use Learning Management Systems (LMS) and many other media/platforms for sharing resources, engaging the learners, assessing the learners’ performances both in classrooms as well as from distance. As a result, digital resources are becoming more and more popular in teaching-learning practices all over the world.

Therefore, copyright and open licenses have drawn attention while using and sharing digital educational resources. Educational Objectives:
1) To understand about copyright and why does it matter in teaching and research
2) To focus on openness and philosophy behind open licenses and public domain tools
3) To discuss why are copyright and open licenses critical in the 21st-century learning environment.