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Creating a Campus-wide Research Data Services Committee: The Good, The Bad, and The…

Please join our panel of presenters in this exciting two-part webinar series to hear about how academic libraries are taking the lead in developing cross-campus collaborations in establishing research data committees to spearhead institutional efforts related to data stewardship and digital projects. This interactive session will lead participants through the various steps needed in order to initiate a similar effort within their institutional context.

Part 1

Building Bridges and Planting Seeds

Nov 15 @ 12:00pm

Focus on early-stage efforts to build partnerships and bring key stakeholders to the table


  • Acquire practical tips for addressing the institutional challenges involved in developing a campus-wide data committee
  • Identify key individuals who could be instrumental in establishing a campus-wide data committee

Presenters: Cinthya Ippoliti , Renaine Julian, and Amy Koshoffer


Part 2

Launching Your Collaboration

Nov 17 @ 12:00pm

Identify best practices and lessons learned for working with established committees who are working on broad-scale projects and programs


  • Evaluate different institutional models to compare and customize for different academic environments
  • Analyze best practices strategies for successful project management, collaboration, and program development for established committees

Presenters: Christine Kollen, David Minor, and Betty Rozum


Cinthya Ippoliti is the Associate Dean for Research and Learning Services at Oklahoma State University where she provides administrative leadership for the library’s academic liaison program as well as services for undergraduate and graduate students. Previously, she was Head of Teaching and Learning Services at the University of Maryland Libraries where she was in charge of the spaces, services, and programming offered by the Terrapin Learning Commons in addition to coordinating the libraries’ First Year instruction program.



Renaine Julian is the STEM Data & Research Librarian at Florida State University. In this role, he works with researchers to help find, use, evaluate, and manage research data. Renaine also serves as the subject librarian for the FSU/FAMU College of Engineering, Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science as well as Urban & Regional Planning. He holds a MLIS, a MS in Urban and Regional Planning as well as a BS in Political Science, all from Florida State University. Renaine's interests include: research data management, scholarly communication, and citizen science.



Amy Koshoffer holds degrees in Ecology, Ethology and Evolution from University of Illinois, Library and Information Science from Kent State University and Mathematics from University of Cincinnati. Amy worked as a senior research assistant in the UC College of Medicine in the Departments of Cancer Biology and most recently Dermatology. Her research group focused on understanding melanocyte biology especially the mechanisms that trigger vitiligo and other hypopigmentary disorders. Amy is currently the Science Informationist for UCLibraries where her work focuses on providing data management support for researchers and developing new research data services.


Christine Kollen is the Data Curation Librarian at the University of Arizona (UA) Libraries in the Office of Digital Innovation and Stewardship. She leads the University of Arizona’s efforts in providing data management support for researchers and graduate students. She is chair of the Campus Data Management and Curation Committee and the project manager for the Data Management and Data Curation Pilot project. She also leads the Library’s GIS and geospatial data services and is the project manager for the Spatial Data Explorer, the Library’s geospatial data portal



David Minor is the Director of the Research Data Curation Program in the UC San Diego Library. In this role he helps define and lead work needed for the contemporary and long-term management digital resources. His position includes significant interaction with stakeholders on the UC San Diego campus, throughout the UC System, and national initiatives. His program also includes management of Chronopolis, a national-scale digital preservation network that originated with funds from the Library of Congress' NDIIPP Program. Chronopolis is also a founding partner in the Digital Preservation Network (DPN), helping set a new national digital preservation agenda. David received his BA in philosophy from Carleton College and MLS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Betty Rozum is the Data Services Coordinator and Undergraduate Research Librarian at Utah State University, a position she has held since its creation in July 2015. Her position is responsible for coordinating efforts within the USU Office of Research and Graduate Studies, USU Information Technology Office, and the Library to manage research data and publication deposits and help ensure compliance with federal mandates. Part of this role includes coordinating the campus wide data committee. Along with these tasks, Betty serves as the campus resource for data management, providing assistance and education about best practices. Prior to this position, Betty was the Associate Dean for Technical Services at Utah State University Libraries for 14 years.