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Developing Partnerships Regionally and Internationally

What are the factors that need to be considered to determine whether or not an organization will be a good partner? As you develop the partnership, what are the critical success factors that need to be addressed, including how to promote the idea of partnership within your own organization, what documents are needed to set up a partnership, and how will you evaluate the success of the partnership? This session will answer these questions, as well as highlighting both the advantages and disadvantages of partnering with another organization. Examples from the international library community will be used to illustrate the session.


Dr Margaret Law

Dr Margaret Law is a Canadian Library Consultant with a strong background in developing and implementing international partnerships between international academic libraries. She is also an instructor at the School of Librarian and Information Studies at the University of Alberta.  She is a frequent speaker at conferences on diverse issues to do with library management, and has provided librarian training sessions in North America, Africa, Europe and Asia.