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Fundamentals of Digital Asset Management

This webinar will help you better understand both the practice & technicalities of DAM, and in particular, what DAM technology is and how it really works. Appropriate for those who are new to DAM or end-users of a DAM system who want to have a deeper understanding of the different things a DAM system can do, this webinar will walk through the fundamentals of DAM functionality.

We will explore DAM functions such as ingestion, storage management, media processing, transformation, transcoding, metadata management, monetization and rights management, workflow, and reporting. At the end of this webinar, you'll have a solid understanding of the core components of DAM success.


Theresa Regli is Principal Analyst with Real Story Group, advising Fortune 500 CMOs and CIOs on marketing technology, with a particular focus on digital & media asset management. A 20+ year tech industry veteran, she is also an author of the book: Digital & Marketing Asset Management: The Real Story of Digital & Marketing Asset Management Technology & Practice.

Real Story Group's research covers over 100 marketing technology products, debunks technology hype, and helps large companies orchestrate product and customer data to create effective marketing technology strategies. Theresa advises a multi-industry, worldwide client base that includes Unilever, Nestlé, IKEA, Coca-Cola, Net-a-Porter, Shell, and Havas Worldwide. She teaches seminars and presents keynotes at events throughout the world.

Theresa holds degrees and certifications in journalism, business management, linguistics, and French from universities in France, the US and the UK.