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IIIF: Interoperability of Image Content, Scholarship and Annotation

The IIIF community ( has designed and implemented systems that make it easy to interact with image-based cultural heritage data, enabling developers to build diverse and engaging client applications. This has generated a vibrant international community dedicated to interoperability between systems, allowing images and descriptions of cultural heritage objects and collections to be shared and integrated seamlessly across institutions in a variety of environments. This session will introduce the use cases, community and technical standards that are in use and being further refined, along with its use of the W3C Web Annotation specification as a fundamental driver and interoperability mechanism for scholarship and commentary about the resources.


Dr. Robert Sanderson is the Semantic Architect for the J. Paul Getty Trust in Los Angeles.  He is responsible for overseeing integration of content providing information systems across the programs, as well as the Getty’s IIIF implementations.  He is co-chair of the Web Annotation Working Group in the W3C, and primary editor for the specifications.  He is also an editor for the IIIF specifications and a community coordinator.  He has previously worked at Stanford University, Los Alamos National Laboratory and the University of Liverpool, with a research focus on interoperability of information systems within the cultural heritage sector, and their interaction with scholarly communication.