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Me4MAP: A Method for the Development of Metadata Application Profiles

A metadata application profile (MAP) is a construct that provides a semantic model to publish data in the Web of Data. This semantic model is no more than a data model with the definition of proper-ties and its constraints. Each property is defined through a RDF vocabulary term, with the defini-tion of domain and range, and cardinality for each term. According to the DCMI document “In-teroperability Levels for Dublin Core Metadata”, a MAP is a construct that enhances semantic in-teroperability. This means that when a community of practice agrees to follow a MAP's set of rules for publishing data as Linked Open Data, this makes it possible for such data published the LOD cloud to be processed automatically by software agents.

A MAP is therefore a construct of great importance and the existence of a method for its develop-ment is essential to give MAP developers a common ground on which to work. The absence of such a method leads to a non-systematic set of MAP development activities that might result in MAPs with less quality.

This Webinar will present Me4MAP, a method for the development of metadata application pro-files. Me4MAP was defined in the context of a PhD and is still now being tested and refined. It is a method that is approached through a software engineering perspective. With Me4MAP, we do not propose a universal solution; rather, our intention is to establish a starting point for the study and design of methods for the development of MAPs.


Mariana Curado Malta

Mariana Curado Malta is an Associate Professor at Polythecnic of Oporto, Portugal and a researcher in CEOS.PP, Portugal. Currently, she is on leave in the Laboratorio de Inovación en Humanidades Digitales in the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia in Madrid, Spain. Her research work is framed in a project (POSTDATA), financed by a European Research Council Starting Grant that aims to publish poetry data (and related data) as Linked Open Data. In POSTDATA she is responsible for the semantic modelling. Her research interests are related to methods for the development of metadata application profiles and the quality of MAPs in particular and metadata in general. She is the co-author of Me4MAP, a method for the development of metadata application profiles. Mariana Curado Malta has a PhD in Technologies and Information Systems from University of Minho, Portugal. She is the author of several research papers, book chapters, and recently co-edited the book “Developing metadata application profiles” published by IGI Global. For more information see