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Meet the Authors Series: Cyber Republic: Reinventing Democracy in the Age of Intelligent Machines

Around the world, liberal democracies are in crisis. Citizens have lost faith in their government; right-wing nationalist movements frame the political debate. At the same time, economic inequality is increasing dramatically; digital technologies have created a new class of super-rich entrepreneurs. Automation threatens to transform the free economy into a zero-sum game in which capital wins and labor loses. But is this digital dystopia inevitable?

In Cyber Republic, George Zarkadakis presents an alternative, outlining a plan for using technology to make liberal democracies more inclusive and the digital economy more equitable. Cyber Republic is no less than a guide for the coming Fourth Industrial Revolution and the post-pandemic world.


George Zarkadakis is the Digital Lead and the GB Leader of Future of Work at Willis Towers Watson (undergoing merger with Aon) a global risk and human capital consulting company. He has over 25 years’ experience in management consulting, media, marketing, and communications; as well as in digital strategy and innovation as a founder, advisor, and investor in technology startups. He holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and is the author of “In Our Own Image: Will Artificial Intelligence Save Us or Destroy Us?” (Rider Books, 2015). His new book "Cyber Republic: Reinventing Democracy in the Age of Intelligent Machines" was published by MIT Press in the Fall of 2020. He has received a French knighthood for his international work on the public understanding of science and technology, and is a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council.