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New Thoughts about AI Literacy

The growing impact of Artificial Intelligence in many areas of economy and society calls for the public and citizens to have some understanding of AI. Yet we lack a totally convincing definition of AI literacy, especially due to the rapid changes in the technology in the last year. We can build on earlier work on algorithmic literacy (e.g. Dogruel et al., 2022). We also have an influential definition of AI literacy from an HCI perspective in the work of Long and Magerko (2020). The webinar offers three perspectives on AI literacy.

1. To gain an awareness of previous definitions of AI literacy

2. To think through how recent developments in AI require us to rethink the concept of AI literacy

3. To reflect on the value of alternatives to multiplying conceptualizations of literacy


Dr. Andrew Cox is a senior lecturer at the Information School, University of Sheffield, UK. His research interests include the application of AI in libraries, research data management and services to support wellbeing. He is chair of the ASIS&T AI SIG. 

Professor Jutta Haider is a Professor in Information Studies. Her research and teaching concern information practices and digital cultures' conditions for production, use and distribution of knowledge and information. This includes research on environmental information, information literacies and knowledge institutions, including encyclopedias, search engines, and the scholarly communication system. 

Dr Van Wyk’s background as researcher, author as well as her industry experience in managing information services resulted in a deep understanding of the support that especially emerging researchers require. She is passionate about inclusive education, and Paulo Freire's work on critical pedagogy, specifically, guided during her earlier years as ABET facilitator. She has experience in information services management and the management of library systems in both public and academic sectors. 

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