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Opening the Black Box: Exploring Important Themes in AI and Libraries

Join us as we open the black box and explore themes important for Libraries delving into the world of AI. We will explore the following topics:

  • AI literacy (for consumers, creators, and educators)
  • Data sovereignty (what it is; how it relates to AI)
  • AI Trust (why and how should you trust an AI)
  • Explainable AI (the importance of human-centered explanations)
  • AI Governance (why librarians should engage in governance issues)


Danica Pawlick-Potts research interests include critical data studies, Indigenous data sovereignty, information behaviour, and algorithmic literacy. Danica's dissertation project explores how Indigenous knowledge and protocols including Indigenous data sovereignty can guide and enhance ethical frameworks for the development of algorithmic systems and data infrastructures.

Michael Ridley is Librarian Emeritus at the University of Guelph (Canada) where he was for many years the Chief Librarian and Chief Information Officer (CIO). Ridley holds an MA (UNB), MLS (Toronto), MEd (Toronto), and PhD (Western). His research interests include explainable AI, algorithmic literacy, information behaviour, and library technology history. Ridley is currently working on a strategic plan for the adoption of machine learning applications in the academic libraries of Ontario (Canada).

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