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PASIG Webinar: Video Surveillance: Consuming I.T. Capacity At Significant Rates

According to IHS market research, over 413-Petabytes of video surveillance data is created every day worldwide. And that number is to nearly double by 2017. The video surveillance market is also taking on new demands from an I.T. infrastructure perspective as government legislation and corporate governance issues are requiring longer and longer retention times for this video surveillance data.

How does an organization efficiently and affordably manage such requirements at unprecedented levels?

Join us for this webinar and gain insight on how a managed multi-tiered storage environment can deliver an affordable infrastructure solution to the I.T. team as well as a viable, easy-to-use, video playback solution for the physical security team.

Gain insight on how a cross-functionally aware solution can serve the needs of your video surveillance requirements and the capacity and capabilities of your I.T. constraints.


Jay Jason Bartlett
Jay Bartlett is Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Marketing at SoleraTec. He has over two decades of sales and business development experience in the high-tech industry. SoleraTec is a Digital Asset Management software solution for the entertainment industry, video surveillance industry, general data storage industry, and legal/E-discovery markets.