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Producing Effective Online Programs: Experiences and Lessons Learned

Jeremy L. McLaughlin and Marisa Martinez from SJSU ASIS&T will begin by sharing best practices for planning, hosting, and archiving online programs and webinars. Jeremy, the Chair and former Program Director, will focus on pre-event setup and promotion and ways that organizations can increase exposure and virtual attendance for their events. Marisa is currently Chapter Treasurer and has worked with the campus webinar platform as part of the iSchool Collaborate Project and as a technical moderator for Chapter events. She will review common technical issues faced by speakers and session attendees and offer solutions for working with or through technical difficulties during an event. Based on a recent archiving project, Jeremy will conclude with suggestions for extending the life of your webinars and maximizing post-event discoverability.

Karen Miller will wrap up the presentation with a review of her experiences producing ASIS&T webinars for SIG ED. Building on Diane Rasmussen Pennington’s 2012 Webinar on Webinars, Karen will review the procedures for scheduling ASIS&T webinars. Drawn from her experiences during the production of seven ASIS&T webinars, Karen’s practical examples can “demystify” the process for organizations newly interested in producing webinars.


Marisa H. Martinez
Marisa H. Martinez is in her final year as a MLIS student at San Jose State University. She is the former Secretary, current Treasurer, and Alternative Assembly Representative for SJSU ASIS&T. She also actively promotes Chapter membership and information management policy development. Marisa is interested in new digital devices and information literacy accessibility for staff and patrons in academic, public, and health library settings. She is also interested in archiving in special libraries. Marisa was involved in the iSchool Collaborate Project, as part of which she helped virtual students and faculty use Collaborate and Blackboard Instant Messenger. She has also provided technical support for attendees and speakers and hosted several Chapter events.

Jeremy L. McLaughlin
Jeremy L. McLaughlin is a MLIS student at San Jose State University where his research interests include scholarly communications, eHumanities/arts and humanities, eScience, Digital Humanities, and research information data management. Jeremy was the Program Director for SJSU and became Chair in summer 2014. In these roles, he has hosted and moderated multiple Chapter and co-sponsored programs with a focus on collaborative projects across social, career development, research and technology trends, faculty, and guest speaker topics. Jeremy is the current Chair of SIG AH, a 2014–2016 ASIS&T New Leader, and a member of the ASIS&T Information Professionals Task Force. He lives in Denver but he does not ski or snowboard.

Karen Miller
Karen Miller is a doctoral candidate at the School of Library and Information Science at the University of South Carolina. She is working hard to add the “Ph.D.” to her M.B.A., J.D., and MLIS degrees within the next few years! Karen’s research interests include the valuation of cultural heritage institutions, automated analysis of large datasets, digital libraries, digital information infrastructure, and preservation. Karen assumed the SIG ED Co-Chair position during the 2014 Annual Meeting and plans to leverage her experience as a former program coordinator and SIG Member of the Year (2012) in helping SIG ED achieve excellence this year. Karen also serves as the Alternate Student Representative to the Chapter Assembly, Program Coordinator for the South Carolina ASIS&T Student Chapter, is an ASIS&T New Leader for 2014 through 2016, and is a member of the ASIS&T Presidential Task Force to promote student involvement.