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Project - Focused Leadership Within ASIS&T - A Holistic Approach To Events, Membership, and Communications

Jeremy L. McLaughlin, Chair, ASIS&T Leadership Committee

In the last Leadership Committee webinar, we spent some time looking at ideas related to project-focused planning and the potential it brings for transformative individual leadership. By focusing on a holistic approach to group projects (communications, events, webinars, membership outreach) leaders across ASIS&T can build healthy SIGs and Chapters and meet personal goals

As the final Leadership webinar planned for 2018, this session will be beneficial for across ASIS&T and will set the stage for the Leadership Training session at the Annual Meeting (Saturday, November 10 from 1pm to 4pm). On October 11, we will focus on project-oriented planning by identifying personal and group needs and the potential projects groups and leaders can engage in. Specifically, using a holistic project-focused perspective, we will introduce and review multiple activities and management suggestions that can be implemented by SIGs, Chapters, and leadership across the Association, including:

• Create/update/migrate group website
• Create a group logo
• Publish a group Newsletter
• Host a social event at the Annual Meeting