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The Role of Dublin Core Metadata in the Expanding Digital and Analytical Skill Set Required by Data-Driven Organizations

Many areas of our world are being subject to digitalisation as leaders and policymakers embrace the possibilities that can be harnessed through the capturing and exploiting of data. New business models are being developed, and new revenue streams are being uncovered that require a solid and recognised data competence capacity. This process involves bringing together a range of traditional disciplines from computing and engineering to business management and data science. Facilitating successful collaboration amongst these participants in order to create new cyber-physical systems can be achieved through a range of tools, but chief among them will be the application of robust, trustworthy, and reusable data. The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative provides a well-established schema of terms that can be used to describe such data resources. As more organisations in diverse fields awaken to the benefits of digitalisation they will need to embrace data capture. Acquiring data science skills and competences at all levels of the organisation, and as an ongoing process over time, will be critical for their future. Whilst some elements will be specific, other skills will be common across sectors. Metadata foundations can obviously help with these commonalities. Applying a similar structured approach to understanding and supporting skills acquisition will contribute significantly to the future success of data-driven organisations.


Steve Brewer

Steve Brewer is the founder and director of Infoculture, a startup offering support and facilitation for organisations, teams and leaders in digital transformation. Steve has been involved in community engagement and project management for a number of years in UK research-related projects, EU-funded distributed infrastructure services, and data science skills and competences projects. Steve is currently Network Coordinator for the Internet of Food Things Network Plus, a research initiative aimed at developing and supporting the digitalisation of the UK’s food chain from the farm gate to the fridge. A key focus of this project is understanding the role of data whether from Internet of Things or other food chain monitoring and how this data relates to processes, policy and other regulatory issues.