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Untangling the Web: Using Archive-It to Capture and Provide Access to Web Content

This webinar will focus on archiving web content created by or of interest to cultural heritage institutions. Most organizations are aware of the increasing importance of web content as a part of the historical record. However many are not currently preserving their web presence as it evolves over time and/or ensuring the accessibility of web content related to their institution's mission and existing collections.

This webinar will provide an overview of web archiving, including: use cases, best practices, challenges and successes and provide a demonstration of the web archiving process using Archive-It, a web archiving service from the Internet Archive. The webinar will draw from the Internet Archive's experiences as leaders in the web archiving community, and incorporate examples from our numerous cultural heritage Archive-It partners who have incorporated web archiving into their collecting programs.


Lori Donovan
Lori Donovan is a Partner Specialist at the Internet Archive helping museums, libraries and other cultural institutions archive web content. Over the past four years, Lori has given more than 25 presentations on web archiving at library, archives and digital preservation conferences both in the United States and internationally. Lori has a Masters of Science in Information from the University of Michigan specializing in Archives and Digital Preservation.