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How Do I Find a Member?

Are you looking for a colleague who is also a member of ASIS&T?

There are two membership directories in our system. One is available to the public regardless of membership status, and a second is only open to members. The public directory allows anyone to search for a member and identify basic information such as name, organization, city, state, and country. The Member-Only directory includes additional contact information on current ASIS&T members.

Can't find someone you think should be in the directory? Contact us and we will investigate the issue.

Finding a Colleague

Step 1: If you only need the pubically-available information on a colleague you can find it by clicking the Member Directory button at the top of any page on the ASIS&T Website. If you need additional information, log into your InfoHub by clicking the About My Membership button at the top of any page on the ASIS&T Website.

Step 2: In the InfoHub, click on Active Member Directory in the left-side menu:

Active Member Directory

Step 3:  You can then search for an individual member, or filter your search by city, state, or country by clicking Customize Search.

Customize Search