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Julian Warner

Brief career biography:
I graduated in English Language and Literature from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, in 1977, completed a PhD in English Literature from Oxford University, worked as a library trainee at the University of York, and then took an MA in Librarianship from the University of Sheffield.  Somewhat unusually, particularly in a United Kingdom context, I then immediately became a faculty member in library and information studies at the Queen’s University Belfast.

I now teach courses in the human and social aspects of information systems in the Queen’s University Management School and have published a number of journal articles (about 33) and books (four books).

I have been a visiting scholar at a number of United States universities and at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Benefits of ASIS&T:
ASIS&T has given me an intellectual, professional, and social context in which to participate and to develop.  Participation in the Special Interest Groups has been particularly enjoyable.  Presentations at the Annual Meeting have elicited very helpful formal and informal feedback.

I have greatly valued the chance to travel to ASIST meetings, to meet other information professionals, and to form lasting friendships.

Advice for new information professionals:

The value of informal communication and the importance of listening.

Get involved and contribute.