Garfield (b.1925) is associated with the discovery and pioneering of information science.  He developed Current Contents, Science Citation Index and many other indexes in the sciences. He established the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) as an international information agency. Lilley & Trice call him a “creative genius in the realm of non-conventional information systems.” Lilley-Trice cite the indexes as his principal contribution.

Garfield developed the Rota Form Index, which used the Hill formula index as output, and processed it to as many outputs as the number of separated symbols for the production of Index Chemicus; Garfield published a paper on the Index in 1963.  He also worked on a team with Sanford Larkey (librarian of the Welch Medical Library at Johns Hopkins) on an early automation project.

Offices held:

Information Industry Association: President (1972-1974)

Delaware Valley Chapter of ASIS&T: President (1970)

ASIS&T: President (1999-2000)

Awards received:

ASIS&T: Award of Merit (1975); Best Information Science Book

American Chemical Society: Information Science Award; Skolnik Award for outstanding contributions to the chemical information field; Patterson-Crane Award (1983)

Information Industry Association: Hall of Fame Award

Eugene Garfield Papers:

Chemical Heritage Foundation (Two oral history interviews, conducted 1991 & 1997, more information available on their website)