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ASIS&T president Nadia Caidi announces incoming board members for the positions of president-elect, treasurer and directors-at-large and recognizes the volunteer service of dedicated members in a variety of activities. The search for a director to succeed Dick Hill and interviews with applicants for the position of communications officer continue, while the steadfast team at ASIS&T headquarters maintains operations and member services. The Association’s first Meet the Authors webinar, exploring search engine manipulation, was stimulating, and doctoral students’ videos on their research will soon be viewable online. Google Scholar metrics for June 2016 reaffirm the leading position of ASIS&T publications for the information science community. The upcoming ASIS&T Annual Meeting in Copenhagen and other fall 2016 meetings in Europe offer valuable opportunities for learning, networking and career growth.


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Since the last President’s Page, you have submitted your votes and new board members have been elected. Please join me in welcoming president-elect Lisa Given, Charles Sturt University, Australia; new treasurer June Abbas, University of Oklahoma; and new directors-at-large Dania Bilal, University of Tennessee, and Heather O’Brien, University of British Columbia, Canada. The Board looks forward to their leadership and ideas. Our thanks go to all those who ran for the various positions, as well as to those who have been contributing steadily and generously to ASIS&T for all these years, with a special note to Vicki Gregory who retires as our trusted treasurer after a long tenure. ASIS&T depends on the work of the many volunteer members who dedicate their time and energy to sit on, or chair, committees, jury the various awards, review conference submissions, design and implement new initiatives and generally keep the ASIS&T boat going. We are grateful for all the work you do.

As I mentioned in my May column, the Board has been actively engaged on various fronts including the hiring of a communications officer as well as succession planning and the search for a new executive director to replace Dick Hill. Our call for applicants for the communications officer position has elicited some excellent applicants, and we are in the process of interviewing qualified candidates who can develop and sustain a robust and comprehensive communication strategy for ASIS&T. The search for Dick Hill’s successor will be a major item on the agenda of our upcoming Board retreat in July.

As part of this process, I thought it would be helpful for ASIS&T members to be (re-)introduced to the good folks working at ASIS&T headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, and running the organization behind the scene. In addition to executive director Dick Hill, the two pillars of ASIS&T headquarters are Vanessa Foss and Jan Hatzakos. Vanessa, director, membership services and meetings, has been with ASIS&T since 1988, and Jan, director of finance and administration and webmaster, since 1990. Along with Dick Hill, they are the institutional memory and the ones that make things happen. They are assisted by Carline Haynes, accounting, and Stephan Addo, membership. Completing the team is Sandra Holder who serves as the first point of contact for members, visitors and vendors and provides office support. Together, they are the ASIS&T team. Make sure to introduce yourself to them at the next Annual Meeting, regional meeting or other event. We are grateful to them for their hard work, as ASIS&T continues on the path of renewal and change to meet the evolving needs of our members.

In related news, ASIS&T continues its engagement with our members’ world as well as the world around us. We have been receiving short videos from doctoral students from around the globe who speak passionately about their research. Look for these videos on our website, where they will be featured soon. A new Meet the Authors series has been inaugurated this month. Its purpose is to stretch the boundaries of the information field and get us to engage with one another as well as with folks in related fields. The first speaker to address the ASIS&T community was psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein, who spoke on July 21, about his idea of the search engine manipulation effect (SEME). The event was bound to send a shockwave of reactions within the information science community and did not fail to do so. Stay tuned for the next Meet the Author installment.

ASIS&T publications are still defining the trends in our field. A new version of the Google Scholar metrics has just been released, and despite the usual reluctance toward relying solely on the H index, it was heartening to see that two of ASIS&T publications are in the top 20, with JASIST topping the list of LIS Journal Rankings and the ASIS&T Proceedings listed at number 20. (Source:

Despite the world events plaguing our newsfeeds, this fall will be a busy time for intellectual engagement in Europe. If you are planning on coming to Copenhagen for the Annual Meeting, consider coming early to catch the Dublin Core and Metadata Applications (DCMA) meeting (also in Copenhagen, October 13-16). The European Conference on Information Literacy will be meeting in Prague around that time as well (October 10-13). The Association for Internet Researchers will also hold its annual meeting in Berlin, Oct. 5-8.

Regarding the Annual Meeting, the program should be up soon on our website. In addition to the paper sessions and panels, do not miss the workshop offerings and several special sessions. The first Diversity and Inclusion Luncheon is intended as a social engagement platform to celebrate diversity, discuss challenges and collaborate on strategies to bolster diversity and inclusion in ASIS&T. Attendees will also be able to meet several editors from different journals at the Meet the Editors session. Representatives from ALA, ALISE and the iCaucus will join us for a conversation on all matters accreditation at the Joint ALISE/ASIS&T Presidential Session on Accreditation. Finally, I look forward to keynote speaker Greg Walsh’s address dealing with the issue of technological human surrogates in his talk on Bridging the Telepresence Valley. Last but not least, remember that this will be Dick Hill’s (potentially) last Annual Meeting, so bring your best stories or photos and use this chance to say “thank you” to Dick and his staff.

I wish you all a wonderful summer!