Nadia CaidiNadia Caidi

2016 ASIS&T President
Associate Professor
University of Toronto

Editor’s Summary

Starting her leadership year, incoming ASIS&T president Nadia Caidi noted the great success of the 2015 Annual Meeting, focusing on information science with impact. Over the next year Caidi is committed to celebrating the Association’s members, connecting with other organizations focused on information issues and analyzing the Association’s structure and policies to ensure its future strength. An emphasis on membership and engagement runs through each of these goals, to enhance appreciation of the Association as a collective home for those in the field of information science and technology. Members are invited to share ideas through numerous committees and task forces, listed with their chairpersons and heads, as these groups reach out to the membership over the coming year to encourage all to feel involved with ASIS&T. Looking forward to the 2016 Annual Meeting in Copenhagen, Caidi sets her sights on the Association gaining broader recognition and strength and becoming more international, diverse and inclusive.


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By all accounts, the Annual Meeting in St. Louis was a great success. Congratulations to conference chair Lisa Given and her team for a stimulating program. Despite a hectic meeting schedule, I was able to attend a few sessions that exemplify the range of offerings at our annual conferences. The experiential learning roundtable allowed attendees to think holistically about our pedagogical goals and share best practices in a small group format. The policy sessions (one on fair use and authors’ rights; the other on the right to be forgotten) were opportunities to reflect on our collective stance (as information scholars and professionals) on these timely and complex issues. And, of course, the plenary sessions were a wonderful anchor for the main theme of the conference: information science with impact.

As I embark on this presidency year, these are the three goals to which I am committed:

Showcasing and celebrating the extraordinary work of our members through their research, engagement and commitment toward advancing the information field and professions.

Engaging in outreach and bridge-building as a means of strengthening ASIS&T’s position as a leader in information science and contributing meaningfully to societal debates around information issues.

Reviewing our structure, practices and policies to ensure that we continue to be inclusive and to grow internationally and that our knowledge management practices remain sound to enable adequate succession planning.

Underlying each of these goals is a central focus on membership and engagement. Members are key to ASIS&T’s ongoing growth and our success as an association. Recruiting, retaining and engaging members will be key considerations for the work and programming of each SIG, chapter, committee and task force, as well as the Board. No other organization brings together students, scholars and professionals in the rich and diverse fields of information science and technology the way ASIS&T does. ASIS&T is our collective home, so let us tend to it.

The strategic plan that my predecessor, Sandy Hirsh, spearheaded provides us with much guidance about your perceptions and hopes for ASIS&T. Together we can translate this knowledge into action. With that in mind, I want to introduce to you the individuals (and their committees) to whom you can turn if you wish to engage and contribute ideas, initiatives, energy and time:

■ Awards & Honors Committee: Soo-Young Rieh and Beata Panagopoulos

■ Budget & Finance: Vicki Gregory

■ Constitution & Bylaws: Linda C. Smith

■ Education and Professional Advancement Committee: Keren Dali

■ International Relations Committee: Mega Subramaniam and Elke Greifeneder

■ Leadership Development Committee: Suzie Allard and Ixchel Faniel

■ Membership Committee: Naresh Agarwal

■ Publications Committee: Rong Tang and Lorri Mon

■ Standards Committee: Mark Needleman and Timothy Dickey

■ Award Nominations Committee: Lai Ma and Anita Komlodi

■ Information Professionals Task Force: Diane Rasmussen Pennington

■ Outreach and Engagement Task Force: John Carlo Bertot and Jean-Francois Blanchette

■ Knowledge Management Task Force: June Abbas and Heather Pfeiffer 

These committees and task forces will focus on new ways to reach out and engage with members across our broad spectrum. Our objective is to ensure that all members feel connected to ASIS&T – whether they can attend the Annual Meetings or not – and are able to engage with one another throughout the year. In St. Louis, I had wonderful conversations with colleagues teaching similar courses about engaging our students in collaborative endeavors using innovative pedagogical practices. It is time to make these happen for the benefits of ASIS&T as a whole. Let us be the (engaged) members and audiences that we wish to interact with. Let us know what ASIS&T can do to help you. Send your ideas to any of the chairs mentioned above, to anyone on the Board or to me (at

Next year is our first ever conference outside of North America! Get ready for Copenhagen (October 14-18, 2016). Hopefully this is the first of many more international venues for ASIS&T. We have more work to do to make our Association even more international and inclusive, so let us hear from diverse voices and perspectives on critical information issues (and solutions).

As you can see, we have an exciting year ahead of us! I look forward to working with each and every one of you on strengthening ASIS&T’s foundation and ensuring its ongoing growth and success as the premier association for the study of information science and technology. Our collaborative efforts will contribute toward a more meaningful engagement and participation by all our members.