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SIG CMR Student Membership Award, 2024-25

The special interest group for Classification and Metadata Research (SIG CMR) within the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) welcomes applications for Student Membership Awards.

The awards will afford masters and doctoral students in library and information science programs around the world a free one-year membership in ASIS&T, as well as membership in SIG CMR. The memberships will begin on July 1, 2024 and run for one year, and are only available to those who are new to ASIS&T. In exchange for membership, award winners will be asked to volunteer with SIG CMR. For example, recipients might be asked to judge submissions for SIG CMR’s awards, to serve on committees, or otherwise take on leadership roles in SIG CMR.

What to submit

In about 300 words, tell us about your interests in classification and/or metadata research. How do your work interests align with the focus of SIG CMR (if applicable)? If you are doing research, how does your research address issues relevant to the study of classification and/or metadata? What would you gain from membership in SIG CMR? In ASIS&T? What do you think you could contribute to SIG CMR? Please tell us how receiving a free one-year membership in SIG CMR and ASIS&T would benefit your studies, including any issues of financial need that might help us make an award determination.

Please note that you'll also be asked to provide verification of your student status to demonstrate eligibility.

Student status verification

  • Current proof of Student status must include credit hours and academic institution verification. You may provide one of the following types of documentation as proof of status:
    • Official or unofficial transcript
    • Letter from adviser
    • Letter from registrar

    Documentation should confirm that you meet the Student requirements:

    • Enrolled in a degree program.
    • For undergraduate and masters degree students: taking at least twelve credit hours (undergraduate degree) or nine credit hours (graduate degree) per semester or comparable credits in a quarter system.
    • For PhD students, a letter from your adviser is recommended.

Where to submit

You will be asked to submit your name, contact information, university, and level of studies. You will also be asked to provide your short essay. Finally, you will need to upload the required student status documents.

Please use this Google form

Deadline for submission, June 3, 2024

Award winners will be announced by June 17, 2024, with membership to begin July 1, 2024.