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SIG Financial Policies

By authority of the ASIS&T Board of Directors, SIG activities are financed during the year through budgets held at Headquarters in the name of each SIG. SIG annual budgets run concurrently with the ASIS&T fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

SIG Allocations:
A SIG allocation pool of $12,000 is divided among active SIGs according to a SIG’s membership as a percentage of total SIG memberships as of May of the proceeding year. SIG allocations are calculated and communicated with SIG officers to begin the budget process. SIG allocations are kept only to the extent that there are expenses to offset them. If expenses do not exceed the amount of the allocation, unused allocations are returned to the SIG allocation pool.

Webinars and Meeting Workshops
If you would like your SIG to sponsor a webinar or workshop at one of our meetings, you must contact ASIS&T HQ.  They will have a list of detailed expenses and will help you determine registration fees.

Other Income:
Budgeted income may be supplemented with other revenue sources such as workshops, webinars, and publications, within the restrictions of ASIS&T policies. If a SIG wishes to solicit donations, a plan noting the purposes for which and the individuals and companies from which the solicitations are sought must be submitted to the Executive Director for approval in advance. Any funds raised on behalf of the Society are the property of the Society and subject to the standard accounting procedures for the Society. This process will ensure that SIG activities do not conflict with the other priorities of the Society and that fundraising activities can be coordinated and that contributions can be recognized nationally.

At the beginning of each year, all SIGs must submit their budgets for the year’s activities. Based on the total income expected for the SIG, activities should be identified and expenses estimated within the total amount of money available to the SIG.

As a general rule, SIGs may expend their budgeted funds on any activity or project that is consistent with ASIS&T policies. Among the items that are usually acceptable uses of SIG funds are newsletters, workshops, webinars and promotional activities.

Among the items which are not acceptable are travel expenses for any ASIS&T member for any reason, honoraria for members or non-members or food and lodging expenses for SIG officers or other members of ASIS&T.

Neither ASIS&T nor individual SIGs may support the travel expenses of attendees at the SIG Cabinet Meeting. These expenses must be borne by the individuals. An individual need not be a registered attendee at the meeting in order to represent a SIG at a Cabinet meeting.

The Board of Directors has instructed that no funds will be released to any SIG until the SIG’s financial plan (budget) has been received by the SIG Cabinet Director and Headquarters. The budget should be submitted by June 30th. If a SIG does not submit its financial plan by August 1st of the new fiscal year, the allocation will be forfeited.

Once a budget has been submitted, each SIG Chair is authorized to approve SIG expenditures each year up to the total of the individual SIG’s budgeted funds, except that single expenditures of more than $500 must be approved by the SIG Cabinet Director.


  1. Headquarters will send you your close-to-year-end financials with an additional column for the new fiscal year which shows your allocation. You will use this form to submit your budget.
  2. Enter budgeted income items.
  3. Enter budgeted expense items.
  4. Enter budgeted net income.
  5. Provide a detailed narrative for each item requested.

If there is not enough space, please submit additional support and documentation in an email.