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SIG AH Virtual Symposium: Data Curation and Visualization in the Arts & Humanities

Sponsored by SIG-AH
LaVerne Gray, Ellen Simpson, Jieun Yeon, Olha Buchel, Leila Hedayatifar, and Julie Carmen
August 5th 12:00 PM EDT -  4:00 PM EDT

The 2020 SIG AH Virtual Symposium will be a half-day filled with educational insight pertaining to data curation and visualization from various information professionals from the United States.

The symposium starts with a presentation about three methodological approaches for (re)constructing the information structure of a Chicago public housing community archive utilizing photographic and manuscript items found in the Henry Booth Settlement House archive. The next presentation will be a map visualization project about the COVID-19 spread developed specifically for creating effective policy making based on the discoveries of disease spread and human behaviors built from cell phone data.

To support those staying at home during this pandemic, the next presentation will give details on how to create a maker space for fiber pattern creations to embroider from digital images. Fans of rare illuminated manuscripts will celebrate the resources. Through an exploration of visualization-based research, this symposium promises to enhance our understanding of the arts & humanities within the context of society’s pressing issues.

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