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30th Anniversary Publication

As part of the celebration of the 75th ASIS&T and 30th SIG-III anniversaries, we are putting together this special publication. Well, an anniversary is symbolic, but there is a very real feeling to it that makes us reflect on a variety of issues, including where we have been, and of course, maintaining the legacy of the SIG-III and shaping its futur. In this regard, current and past SIG-III Officers discuss a variety of issues commemorating the SIG-III’s 30th Anniversary.
“If I have seen farther it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” – Sir Issac Newton
InfoShare, a program sponsored by SIG III, awards one-year ASIST memberships to information professionals in developing countries for whom the cost of membership would be a financial burden.
The paper from the SIG III Social Media squad discusses about the growing reliance on social media among scholars, and how SIG-III’s active online and social media presence further contribute to en