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SIG-MET Awards

Our latest award announcement:

Metrics 2022 - Workshop on Informetric and Scientometric Research (SIG/MET)

We are happy to announce the winners of Metrics 2022’s best paper award and best student paper award:

Best Paper Award ($500)

Best Student Paper Award ($250)

  • Poppy Riddle, Marc-André Simard, Pallavi Gone, Vinson Li and Philippe Mongeon. The use of institutional repositories for green Open Access in Canadian universities
  • Hongxu Liu, Guangyuan Hu and Yin Li. Do self-archiving platforms enhance research impact? Evidence from bioRxiv (
  • Geoff Krause, Timothy D. Bowman, Domenic Rosati, Philippe Mongeon and Michael Smit. Who re-uses data? A bibliometric analysis of data citations and the relationship between authors and data creators (

The winners were selected on the basis of the adjusted review score for the following criteria:

  • Technical soundness (50%)
  • Relevance to the metrics community (50%)

Past SIG/MET Workshop Awardees