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METSTI 2023: Workshop on Informetric, Scientometric, and Scientific and Technical Information Research

Workshop sponsored by ASIS&T SIG/MET and SIG STI

ASIS&T 2023 Annual Meeting

Friday, October 27, 2023, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (BST), London, UK

The program of the workshop can be found here.



The ASIS&T Special Interest Group for Metrics (SIG/MET) and the ASIS&T Special Interest Group for Scientific and Technical Information (SIG STI) invite contributions to the METSTI 2023: Workshop on Informetric, Scientometric and Scientific and Technical Information Research, which will be held prior to the 86th ASIS&T Annual Meeting.

Research in the field of science-of-science is extensive, covering several areas and topics, and thus, it is not only relevant for a specific research domain but rather concerns the research of a variety of researchers, the work of practitioners with various foci and further stakeholders within the science system; with the measurement of information production and use and the analysis of scientific and technical information being two major scopes of them.

We propose a full-day joint workshop, providing a platform for research presentations and discussions related to these topics by students, early-career and established researchers, information professionals, and librarians. Especially, consistent with the theme of ASIS&T Annual Meeting 2023, this joint workshop aims to strengthen the alignment between information research, practices and policies.

Extended abstracts describing empirical or theoretical work related but not limited to the following areas will be invited:

  • Bibliometric-enhanced information retrieval
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the science of science
  • Informetrics, bibliometrics, scientometrics or social media metrics (altmetrics)
  • New indicators, methods and tools
  • Open access and open science
  • Patent analysis
  • Research evaluation and research integrity
  • Scholarly or science communication
  • Science and technology policies
  • Team science
  • Scientific and technical information


The following types of submissions will be accepted: 

  • Research presentations for completed or in-progress research, 
  • posters* for work in the early stages, 
  • tutorials for practical information on a tool or method,
  • panels for discussions on a specific topic.

*Please note: As we were informed the workshop room will not have the possibility to host printed posters, the poster session will be not based on physical posters. Depending on the submission, we intend to have a short poster talk. Nevertheless, authors can consider creating a virtual poster as an addition to their short talk. 

Research presentations are planned for 10-15 minutes, with additional time for the discussion rounds, panels and tutorials are planned for a 30-minute slot including the discussion round.

Length and format for each contribution: 

  • Two-page extended abstracts where references do not include length.
  • References are made in APA style (7th edition).
  • Submissions are formatted according to the AM23 Template.
  • Except for panels, please do not include any author names or any evidence of your identity in the file you upload.
  • Please, indicate in your submission if you participate in the student paper contest by inserting “student submission” in the keywords. Students are defined as undergraduate, graduate, or PhD students. At least one author of the submission has to be a student to be eligible.

Please submit your abstract as a PDF to the submission system: 

Submissions will be peer-reviewed by two independent reviewers based on their technical soundness and their relevance to the metrics and STI community. Each submission will receive brief review feedback in narrative form. 

The abstracts of accepted papers and posters, as well as the presentation material, will be deposited on Zenodo to enhance the visibility and retrievability of the presented research. If you have any publishing concerns, please let us know. Please include in your submission and presentation material only material that you own the rights to or have permission to use.


This year, we will have three Best Paper Presentation Awards and one Best Student Paper Presentation award for METSTI 2023, sponsored by the International Center for the Study of Research (ICSR).
During the workshop, a jury will judge the presentation on the following criteria:
  • Presentation design: Is the presentation and the way the presenter(s) present it appealing?
  • Quality of the presented topic: Does the presentation meet the standards of scientific work? Are the study design and methods carefully executed?
  • Implications of the study: Are there implications for research, practice, or society?
In case of the same amount of points, the committee will discuss which presentations will receive the award.


We are honored to have Mike Thelwall as keynote speaker at METSTI 2023.

Prof. Dr. Mike Thelwall (University of Sheffield)
"Team science: increased quality, increased funding, or just increased citation impact?"

Team science is widely encouraged by funders and research managers in the belief that collaboration improves research outcomes or, more specifically, that interdisciplinary collaboration is necessary to address important societal challenges. Bibliometric data seems to back this up by consistently showing that articles with more authors tend to be more cited. Nevertheless, there have been suggestions that collaborative work tends to be more cited because of more self-citations or wider publicity through author networks. Funding may also be a factor if collaborative research tends to be better supported. This talk will discuss these issues from the perspective of the quality scores given to journal articles submitted to the UK Research Excellence Framework 2021.
This data can help to distinguish between citation indicators and expert evaluations of research quality. The results suggest that bigger teams tend to publish higher quality articles although there is also evidence that the higher citation rates of collaborative research are not entirely due to its higher quality. The results also show that funding associates with higher quality research even after taking into account team size.


  • Deadline for submission: 23rd July 2023 [anywhere on earth time]
  • Acceptance decision: 8th August 2023 [anywhere on earth time] 
  • Workshop during the 86th Annual Meeting of ASIS&T: 27th October 2023 (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., BST)


The registration includes the workshop, lunch, and two coffee breaks. 

Workshop rates will increase by $25 each after 11 August and again after 14 October. The first 15 Student/Non-Member Student registrations will receive a discount of -$130. Therefore, please use the code MET2023ST when you register.

Student Member Non-Member Student Non-Member
Early Workshop rates $190 $120 $240 $170 $240 $170 $300 $230
Discount for the first 15 Students/Non-Member Students $60,00 - $110,00 -

Registration via:




Last updated: 17th October 2023