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SIG SM Digest June 2021

Publications (Conference/Journal Papers)

We are excited to share the latest publications from the SIG SM community for the SIG SM community.
Thank you Lu An, Amir Karami and Loni Hagen for sharing your research.


We are also delighted to share with you personal updates from our SIG SM members:

  • Alicia Takaoka
    • defended her dissertation on 25 February 2021.
  • Manika Lamba
    • was invited as a Discussant for the "Social Media Research" session at the 5th Library Technology Conclave (LTC2021) on 30th January 2021.
    • has two short clips where she asked the questions and the panelists answered those questions:
      • Video 1: "Is there any ethical framework for social media research?",
      • Video 2: "How to overcome major biases in social media research data?"
    • started a Youtube channel to share her skills on computational techniques and soft skills for librarians and researchers. She has put up few videos on topics like text mining, topic modeling, prediction modeling, and building CV using Overleaf.
  • Assistant Professor Catherine Dumas and her colleague Lukasz Porwol (National University of Ireland Galway):
    • have been awarded a Next Generation Internet Explorers grant for $17,658, funded by the European Union. Their project, "Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality as the driver of the next-generation online communication," will be conducted in the SLIS XR@Simmons Lab.
  • Lu An
    • attended a panel of Big Data for Emergency Management on iConference 2021.
    • gave an invited talk with the title of "Online data analysis for smart emergency response" on Symposium on Data Governance and Emergency Information on Dec 31, 2020.