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Publications Survey Random Drawing Winners

From February 27 to March 18, 2016, ASIS&T Publications Committee distributed an online survey to collect information about people’s perceptions of, and experiences with, ASIS&T publications, specifically

Nearly 200 ASIS&T Publications users completed the survey. Those who completed this survey (including pilot testers) and expressed their interests were entered into a random drawing. The following ten randomly chosen respondents are awarded with a free book of his/her choice from the ASIS&T Online Bookstore:

Frances Bachstein
Callan Bignoli
Zhenjia Fan
irene lopatovska
Dirk Lewandowski
Ying-Hsang Liu
Tim Gorichanaz
Devon Greyson
Shuyuan Mary Ho

Congratulations to the winners! Thanks for all who participated in the survey.

ASIS&T Publications Committee
Rong Tang (Co-Chair)
Lorraine Mon (Co-Chair)
Jamshid Beheshti (Board Liaison)
Julia Caffrey
Samuel Chu
Yuelin Li
Chaoqun Ni
Danielle Pollock
Lu Xiao