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May Program Committee Meeting — In Person!

Our next Program Committee meeting will be the 2nd Monday of May – May 8th from 5:30pm-7:30pm at Thornton’s Fenway Grille at 100 Peterborough St, Boston, MA 02215.    This is a completely open Program Committee meeting.  You don’t have to be in the Program Committee to join.  Nor do you have to be committed joining the Program Committee meeting.   If you’re even just a little bit curious about the NEASIST PC Committee (like who are these shadow people who plan these awesome NEASIST events?), please stop by!

For existing PC members:
We’re not only trying out having the 2nd Monday of the month as our regular PC meeting date, but we’re also trying out having a few in-person PC meetings after work that are a little more social so we can get to know each other, which we don’t get to do when we’re just barreling through an agenda over Skype in the middle of the day.  We will be providing some apps so we can chat without growling stomachs drowning out the conversations.

If you can’t get there by 5:30pm – no worries!  Get there when you can get there and we’ll be hanging out there until 7:30pm.

I’ve given the Thornton’s Fenway Grille folks a rough head count, but I don’t want to end up completely off.    It would be great if you can RSVP via,