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Data. Networks. Civil Society. Open Southeast Asia. Workshop in Bonn, Germany

A great opportunity to meet people & share ideas

The Open Southeast Asia workshop serves as a catalyst for students, professionals (from governmental organizations as well as from NGOs – both are welcome) and academics — empowering them with general knowledge about open data, but also providing examples of how open data is practically applied in Southeast Asia and Germany. Moreover, we would like to raise the question how civil society can actually participate and benefit from it. We are aiming to bring people from different fields together to present their topics and share their ideas.

Beyond that, we set up a special issue of the südostasien magazine (03/2017) in regard of open data and social media in the region. As another goal of the workshop, we would like to create fields of interest, publish results or introduce related activities/projects of participants. Therefore, speakers and participants are highly welcomed to contribute articles to the forthcoming issue. The respective Call for Papers will be published soon.

The European Chapter of ASIS&T will contribute to this event by giving a workshop on Open Data:

Title of the Workshop: Basic conditions, availability, and the value added of open data in comparison

In this workshop, we will bring together ideas and best practice examples of open data projects with an impact on the society, government or business. Open data is a global trend but differences exist in its implementation and use. Accordingly, we are going to compare how open data is made available in South East Asia and in Germany and try to answer the following questions together with the attendees:

  • What are the basic conditions in Southeast Asia and Germany to make open data available?
  • How is the access to open data provided in Southeast Asia and Germany?
  • What is the value added of open data in Southeast Asia and Germany?

Participants can share their experience according to their regional backgrounds or experience with different regions. Finally, the exchange may help us to understand why some projects are successful and others fail.

Who we are:

Dr. Agnes Mainka

I am a researcher at the Department of Information Science at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, Germany. My research interests are smart cities, social media, libraries and open government. As a lecturer, I am working together with students on Open Data projects. Further, I am an active member of the OK Lab Düsseldorf and participate in open government activities together with OKNRW. Within the ASIS&T community, I am bridging information science with open data, open government and open innovation.

Dr. Tobias Siebenlist

I am a researcher at the Department of Information Science at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, Germany. My main research interests are (emotional) information retrieval, natural language processing and digital humanities. As a lecturer I focus on developing software projects with undergraduate and graduate students.

Further, ASIS&T is sponsoring one coffee break where flyers and a poster of ASIS&T will be available. Interested persons can get in contact with Agnes to learn more about ASIS&T and the European Chapter.

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