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SIG IEP Workshop: The New Information State

Call for Participation: The New Information State: How Information Ethics and Policy Affects Everyone, sponsored by SIG-IEP,  ASIS&T Annual Meeting, Crystal City, Virginia

DateOctober 28, 2017

Abstract: In today’s milieu of fake news, misinformation, and generalized distrust of institutions, information ethics and policy affects everyone, across different information science research areas. In this workshop, we will analyze these changes to the informational state and discuss how we can address them through three themes: pedagogy for information ethics and policyengagement with policymakers, and information ethics and policy across information science. Workshop participants are encouraged to participate in a variety of ways and will leave the workshop with tangible products that can be used in research and teaching.

Contributions: For the workshop, we seek several different types of contributions:

  • Panel: A panel should incorporate two of the themes (see below, under workshop organization) and each panel is encouraged to include at least one person outside academia. Panels should be explicit about which themes are addressed and include a brief biography of each contributor.
  • Paper: A paper should address one of the themes (see below) in detail, tying it back to the broader discussion of the changed information state. Papers should be 3500-5000 words.
  • Speaker: We seek volunteers to synthesize these themes (see below) and address potential big-picture implications of these trends. Those interested in being a featured speaker should submit a c.v. and a brief essay (under 5000 words) on these themes.

The deadline for all contributions is 8/18. Contributions should be emailed to Shannon Oltmann at: Contact Shannon Oltmann with any questions.

Read the full workshop proposal here.