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Best JASIST Paper of the Decades

These papers were selected from a slate assembled by a bibliometric study commissioned by Wiley, and vetted by members of the JASIST Board, the SIGs, and the 80th Anniversary Advisory Group. Members were asked to vote on the slate and the results are as follows:

The entire slate of papers is available on

Best paper overall:
Information as Thing, Michael Buckland (1991)

Logical Structures in Language, N. Chomsky (1957)

The Process of Asking Questions, R.S. Taylor (1962)

RELEVANCE: A Review of and a Framework for the Thinking on the Notion in Information Science, T. Saracevic (1975)

A Study of Information Seeking and Retrieving. I. Background and Methodology,
T. Saracevic, P. Kantor, A.Y. Chamis, D. Trivison (1988)

Information as Thing, M.K. Buckland (1991)

2000s: (Tie)
(1) Small Worlds: Normative Behavior in Virtual Communities Feminist Bookselling, G. Burnett, M. Besant, E.A. Chatman (2001)
(2) Measuring Online Information Seeking Context, D. Kelly (2006)

What Kind of Science Can Information Science Be?, M. Buckland (2012)