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Recent Awards and Honors

Members of SIG USE have received numerous honors from ASIS&T over the years. At the 2018 Annual Meeting, Sarah Polkinghorne (Swinburne University of Technology) won the Clarivate Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Scholarship and received a New Leader award. Additionally, Crystal Fulton (University College Dublin) received the Clarivate Outstanding Information Science Teacher Award, and Devon Greyson (University of British Columbia) received the James M. Cretsos Leadership Award.

At the 2017 Annual Meeting, Leslie Thomson (University of North Carolina), one of the SIG USE Annual Symposium Co-Chairs, won the Clarivate Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Scholarship. Additionally, Tim Gorichanaz (Drexel University) and Saguna Shankar (University of British Columbia) received New Leader awards. Also notable to the interests of SIG USE are Tom Wilson‘s Award of Merit (2017) and Reijo Savolainen‘s Research in Information Science award (2016).

At the 2015 Annual Meeting, Gary Burnett (Florida State University) was honored as ASIS&T SIG Member of the Year.

In prior years, SIG USE was recognized as SIG of the Year and creator of SIG Publication of the Year.