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December 2020 Governance Update

October 2020

The Board of Directors met on October 12, 2020 via video conference. In attendance were Clara Chu (President); Brian Detlor (President-Elect); Ina Fourie (Treasurer); Emily Knox; Agnes Mainka; Soo Young Rieh; Ana Maria Tammaro; James Andrews (SIG Cabinet Chair); Michael Olsson (Chapter Cabinet Director); Lydia Middleton (Executive Director); and Steve Hardin (Parliamentarian). Also in attendance were Naresh Agarwal, PhD, Incoming President-Elect; Maria Bonn, Publications Committee Chair; Sam Chu, Deputy Chapter Assembly Director; Hamid Jamali, EDI Task Force Co-Chair; AJ Million, Deputy SIG Cabinet Director; and Ana Ndumu, EDI Task Force Co-Chair.

Diversity & Inclusion

Ana Ndumu presented the report of the EDI Task Force. Each Board member gave input on the report. It was agreed that there are some recommendations that are immediately possible to address, and others that require more time or support to accomplish. EDI needs to be systematized into ASIS&T and we need to make these efforts visible. The Board decided to make the report available for a Town Hall discussion and continue to support an EDI Task Force to continue this work.

Consent Agenda

The consent agenda, which was approved included the following:

  • Draft Minutes of September 14 2020 Board Meeting
  • September 2020 Financial Statement
  • September 2020 Membership Report
  • September 2020 Merrill Lynch Investment Report
  • ED Report

President’s Update

ASIS&T President Clara Chu reported on the following items:

  • Clara Chu promoted the Opening Session at Annual Meeting and invited all to attend.

SIG Cabinet Update

James Andrews reported the following:

  • There has been a flurry of election activity.
  • Working on identifying a new SIG Cabinet Deputy Director and Steering Committee Members.
  • SIGs plan to meet at Annual Meeting.

Chapter Assembly Update

Michael Olsson reported the following:

  • Elections are underway for the next round of Chapter leadership
  • Chapter Award selection is complete

Committee Update

  • Awards have been decided and announced.

History Committee

The Board decided that HATHI Trust should make ARIST issues available using Creative Commons license CC BYNC-ND.

Publications Committee

Maria Bonn reported on the work of the Publications Committee. She demonstrated the new Information Matters platform and presented the Committee’s funding request. The funding request assumes that the publication will be self-sustaining within 3 years. The Board approved an investment from reserves of $25k in Year 1 and $22k in Years 2 & 3 to support the development of Information Matters.

JASIST Editor-in-Chief

Maria Bonn reported that the EIC search committee had received applications for the position and decided to interview three finalist candidates. The Search Committee recommended that Steven Sawyer be selected as the next Editor-in-Chief of JASIST. Steve stood out as having both excellent qualifications and a clear vision. While the committee recognizes that this is not a very diverse choice, the candidate pool was quite diverse and the selection was made based on merit. The Board agreed to move forward with the appointment of Steven Sawyer as JASIST Editor-in-Chief.

Membership Committee

Lydia Middleton presented the Membership Committee Report and provided the rationale for providing free membership to individuals in the most financially disadvantaged countries. It was agreed that we should enable the option for members to pay something if they can. The Board approved the Membership Committee’s proposal to set Tier 3 member country dues to $0.

December 2020

The Board of Directors met on December 14, 2020 via video conference. In attendance were Brian Detlor, PhD (President); Naresh Agarwal (President-Elect); Clara Chu, PhD (Past President); Ina Fourie, PhD (Treasurer); Sam Chu, PhD (Chapter Assembly Director); Anna Maria Tammaro, PhD; Dan Wu, PhD; Lydia Middleton, MBA, CAE (Executive Director); and Steve Hardin, MLIS (Parliamentarian)

Consent Agenda

The consent agenda, which was approved included the following:

  • Draft Minutes of 14 October 2020 Board Meeting
  • November 2020 Membership Report
  • November 2020 Financial Statement
  • November 2020 Merrill Lynch Investment Report
  • Annual Meeting Evaluation Results

President's Report

Brian Detlor reported on the following:

  • He recently represented ASIS&T at the ICKM Annual Conference
  • He has met with Sandy Hirsh as President of ALISE to discuss ways in which our two organizations could collaborate
  • He will be working with Lydia on developing a format for tracking strategic plan progress.

Executive Director Report

Lydia Middleton reported on the following:

  • Progress made during 2019-20 as reported at the Business Meeting.
  • The current status of membership and financials since the Annual Meeting
  • Her priorities for the coming months.

History Committee

The Board approved the use of OMEKA-S to house ASIS&T's digital assets.

Publications Committee

The Board approved the Publications Committee's proposed job description for the Information Matters Editor-in-Chief.

Professional Development Committee

The Board approved the proposed plans from committee to conduct a 24-hour conference and an industry/research summit.


The Board approved allocating $126,000 from reserves through FY22 to hire two new staff, a Managing Editor and a Director of Marketing and Communications.

ASIS&T Statement on Timnit Gebru

The Board approved the development of a public statement on the importance of research in the ethical use of AI.

Next Board Meeting

The next meeting of the Board will be held as follows:

Monday, 8 February 2021
8 - 10 am EDT
Via Zoom:

All current members of ASIS&T are welcome to attend as observers without voice or vote.

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