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April 2021 Governance Update

April 2021

The Board of Directors met on April 12, 2021 via video conference. In attendance were Brian Detlor, PhD (President); Naresh Agarwal (President-Elect); Clara Chu, PhD (Past President); Ina Fourie, PhD (Treasurer); Sam Chu, PhD (Chapter Assembly Director); Aylin Imeri (SIG Cabinet Deputy Director): Agnes Mainka, PhD; Anna Maria Tammaro, PhD; Dan Wu, PhD; Lydia Middleton, MBA, CAE (Executive Director); and Steve Hardin, MLIS (Parliamentarian)

Consent Agenda

The consent agenda, which was approved included the following:

  • Draft Minutes of 8 February 2021 Board Meeting
  • March 2021 Membership Report
  • March 2021 Financial Statement
  • March 2021 Merrill Lynch Statement

President's Report

Brian Detlor reported on the following:

  • He recently presented at a session focused on our French-speaking members.
  • We have changed the committee cycle to align with the Annual Meeting
  • He is doing a lot of work on building up the iFederation partnership. We held a successful joint panel in conjunction with the iSchools meeting, and plans are underway for other joint events.

Executive Director Report

Lydia Middleton reported on the following:

  • Membership is up significantly as a result of adding Tier 2 membership
  • New staff are making progress on strategic objectives
  • Audit is complete
  • We have transitioned to an out-sourced accounting service

SIG Cabinet Report

Aylin Imeri reported the following:

  • The next meeting of the Cabinet will be April 28
  • They recommended a member for the Nominating Committee
  • They launched a discussion about Annual Meeting topics on iConnect.
  • There has been a useful discussion on Open Forum about what SIGs can do for social events.

Chapter Assembly Report

Sam Chu reported the following:

  • Crystal Fulton was elected Deputy Chapter Assembly Director
  • He has created a website where chapters can share best practices

Strategic Plan Update

Lydia Middleton walked the board through the strategic plan tracking document. Lydia reported that this has been added to the website.

New Leader Program Update

Lydia Middleton reviewed the Awards & Honors Committee's revisions to the New Leader Program that would provide greater infrastructure as well as create a better experience. The Board approved the program revisions as presented.

FY20 Audit

The ASIS&T Auditor, Tina Peacher of Jones, Maresca, McQuade presented the FY20 audited financial statements. She reported that the audit was clean.

Research Engagement Committee

The Board reviewed a proposal from the Research Engagement Committee around hosting a Research Symposium. The Board recommended some amendments to the proposal and then approved it.

Next Board Meeting

The next meeting of the Board will be held as follows:

Monday, 14 June 2021
8 - 10 am EDT
Via Zoom:

All current members of ASIS&T are welcome to attend as observers without voice or vote.