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Voted YES on Approval of TC46/SC9 N1261 Resolution 2021-20 ISO 3297 Minor Revision


Do you approve the proposed resolution TC46/SC9 2021-20 for a minor revision of ISO 3297?


ISO/ TC 46/SC 9 resolves to initiate a minor revision of ISO 3297 Information and documentation – International standard serial number (ISSN) to make editorial changes to the standard for correction purposes.

Further, ISO/TC 46/SC 9 resolves to reinstate SC 9/WG5, International standard serial number that developed the standard and moves the minor revision of ISO 3297 to ISO/ TC 46/SC 9/ WG 5 and further appoints Gaelle Bequet as the convener for a 3-year mandate 2021-2023 for this work.