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Governance Update, November 2022

The Board of Directors met on October 28, 2022 in Pittsburgh, PA. In attendance were Naresh Agarwal, PhD (President);  Abebe Rorissa, PhD (President-Elect); Joan Bartlett, PhD; Maria Bonn, PhD; Tina Du, PhD, Anna Maria Tammaro, PhD; Lydia Middleton, MBA, CAE (Executive Director); and Chris Cunningham, PhD (Parliamentarian). Guest in attendance: Deanna Hall, Curator; Crystal Fulton, Lisa Hussey & Aylin Ilhan, Board members-elect; and Noelle MacDonald, Wiley.

The Board discussed the following issues:

Board Self-Evaluation Results
The results of the self-evaluation were discussed and led to the following motion:

To set a policy whereby Board members missing two meetings in a year may be asked to resign their Board seat. Exceptions will be made for extenuating circumstances. The motion passed.

Member Survey Results
The Board discussed the report of the Membership Committee on the member survey which received 315 responses. The sense of the Board was that the responses were as expected. A comprehensive response to the membership will be prepared for the January Inside ASIS&T.

Motion 1: To transition the seventeen members on Attachment 1 to Lifetime membership with no further dues expectation.
Motion 2: To establish lifetime individual membership in ASIS&T at a cost of $4,500 less the sum total of dues paid to date.

Both motions passed.

Committee Charge Development
The Board developed charges for each committee which were later shared during the committee meetings held at Annual Meeting.

Noelle MacDonald joined the Board to present the Wiley report on JASIST. She was asked why ASIS&T is facing such a significant revenue loss in the new contract and she responded that the new business model does not allow for the level of royalties guaranteed in the prior contract.

Consent Agenda

The Consent Agenda included:

  • Minutes of August Meeting
  • September 2022 Membership Report
  • September 2022 Merrill Lynch Statement
  • DEIA Task Force Report
  • Publications Committee Report

The Consent Agenda was approved.

The next meeting is TENTATIVELY scheduled for:

February 13, 2023
2:00 - 4:00 pm EST