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SIG News, November 2023

SIG-AH (Arts & Humanities)

SIG-AH is seeking self-nominations for the officer positions of Chair and Chair-elect. If interested, please contact Pamela Yonker at with a short bio (fewer than 150 words) and the position for which you are applying by December 1.

SIG-AI (Artificial Intelligence)

SIG-AI is considering organizing a webinar (or series of webinars) related to AI issues in the upcoming  months. If you're interested in presenting, please indicate your ideas and availability here.

SIG-AI has also announced its new officers for 2023-2024:

  • Chair: Andrew Cox
  • Chair-elect: Lala Hajibayova
  • Treasurer: Yuan Li
  • Secretary: Shawon Sarkar
  • Communications: Sara Lafia


SIG-CMR (Classification and Metadata Research)

SIG-CR has changed its name to SIG-CMR to include Classification and Metadata Research.

SIG-CMR will be hosting its annual business meeting on December 1 at 11:00 AM EST. Join via Zoom at (Meeting ID: 913 706 2428/Passcode: 0940).


SIG-DL (Digital Libraries)

The SIG-DL Annual newsletter report is available here, or in the SIG-DL community on iConnect.

SIG-DL is is seeking self-nominations for the positions of Chair and Chair-elect. Please send an email with your affiliation and a short bio (fewer than 150 words) to Pamela Yonker at by November 24.


SIG-ED (Education for Information Science)

SIG-ED has announced its new officers for 2023-2024:

  • Chair: Priya Vaidya
  • Chair-Elect: Muhammad Tariq
  • Secretary: Rajesh Kumar Das
  • Treasurer: Anna Maria Tammaro
  • Webinar Officer: Manika Lamba


SIG-HLTH (Health Informatics)

The SIG-HLTH business meeting will take place on November 17 at 11:00 AM EDT. The agenda, which contains the Zoom link, is available on the SIG-HLTH iConnect page here.


SIG-HFIS (History and Foundations of Information Science)

SIG-HFIS has announced its new officers for 2023-2024:

  • Chair: Wayne de Fremery
  • Chair-elect: Lin Wang
  • Secretary: Luciana Corts Mendes
  • Treasurer: Kenneth Herold
  • Webmaster/Communications Officer: Mahbub E Shobhanee


SIG-IEP (Information Ethics & Policy)

The SIG-IEP annual newsletter is available here or in the SIG-IEP community on iConnect.

SIG-IEP's officers for 2023-2024 are:

  • Chair: Jelina Haines
  • Chair-elect: Priya Vaidya
  • Communications: Mohammad Haris
  • Secretary: Anam Jamal Ansari

If you are interested in the roles of Membership Officer, Social Media Officer, or Treasurer, please contact Jelina Haines.


SIG-III (International Information Issues)

SIG-III is pleased to announce winning two awards this year, the ASIS&T SIG of the Year Award and the SIG Member of the Year Award for the work of member Leili Seifi. Congratulations to Leili and the SIG-III members for actively participating in all the initiatives!

SIG-III was approved for use of funds from the ASIS&T Special Project Fund to fund the Winter School for Enhancing Research. The Winter School presents a combination of workshops and sponsored ASIS&T webinars to train information science professionals in developing their research skills through various tools and techniques for understanding social behavior, analyzing large datasets using tools and techniques such as Machine Learning, R, Word Vectors, Embeddings, Language, and Graphic Generative AI, Digital Wellness and Information Ethics. More information on the sessions is available here.


SIG-InfoLearn (Information and Learning Sciences)

Congratulations to all the officers of SIG-InfoLearn:

  • Chair: Nosheen Warraich
  • Chair-elect: Muhammad Tariq
  • Secretary: Namali Suraweera
  • Communications: Laureen Cantwell-Jurkovic
  • Awards Coordinator: Chei Sian Lee


SIG-SI (Social Informatics)

The officers for SIG SI for the upcoming year are:

  • Chair: Pu Yan
  • Chair-Elect: Patrick Ngulube
  • Secretary: Zaheer Ahmad
  • Treasurer: Chelsea Collier
  • Communications: Ruwan Gamage
  • Awards Chair: Julaine Clunis


SIG-SM (Social Media)

Congratulations to the 2023-2024 SIG officers:

SIG-USE (Information Needs, Seeking, and Use)

Congratulations to the incoming and continuing officers for 2023-2024:

  • Tien-I Tsai, Chair-Elect
  • Xiaojun (Jenny) Yuan, Chair
  • Annie T. Chen, Immediate Past Chair
  • Chiyoung Oh, Treasurer
  • Ana Ndumu, Secretary
  • Lo Lee, Communications Officer
  • Sharon Wong, Webmaster
  • Zoey Zhang, Recruitment/Membership Officer

2022-2023 SIG-USE Awards Committee:

  • Hengyi Fu
  • Maja Krtalić
  • Mehdi Rahmani
  • Md. Anwarul Islam

2022-2023 SIG-USE Symposium Committee:

  • Shannon Crawford Barniskis
  • Muhammad Tariq
  • Bogeum Choi