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Governance Update, January 2024

The Board of Directors met on January 29, 2024. In attendance were; Crystal Fulton, PhD (President); Ian Ruthven, PhD (President-Elect); Abebe Rorissa, PhD (Past-President); Chris Cunningham, PhD, (Treasurer); Joan Bartlett, PhD; Maria Bonn, PhD; Tina Du, PhD; Bhakti Gala, Ph.D; Lisa Hussey, PhD; Aylen Imeri, PhD; Luanne Sinnamon, PhD; and Lydia Middleton, MBA, CAE (Executive Director)

Guests in attendance: Kimberly Granados, CAE (Deputy Executive Director)


The Board held a generative discussion on ASIS&T SIGs, including what the future role of an international SIG should be in global association.


The Board sunset the Special Projects Fund and charged staff with developing a new process and criteria for SIGs and Chapters to request additional funding for innovative projects.

The Board tasked staff with developing a evaluation process of SIGs over a 3 year period.

Consent Agenda
The consent agenda was approved. It consisted of:

  • Minutes of October 2023 Meeting
  • Merrill Lynch Statement
  • Jan 2024 Membership Report
  • Annual Meeting Planning Committee Report

Next Board Meeting

The Board's next meeting is a strategic planning retreat, April 29-30 in Dublin, Ireland.