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Member News, March 2024

ASIS&T would like to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of members. Please share with us news of your tenure, promotion, doctoral defense, job change, publication and/or grant receipt. We will recognize these accomplishments in each issue of Inside ASIS&T.
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Azadeh Aletaha - Dissertation Defense
Evidence-based Medicine Research Center, Endocrinology & Metabolism Clinical Science Institute, Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Iran University of Medical Sciences

I have successfully developed an automated outcome extraction system to enhance the design, implementation, and reporting of Randomized controlled trials in the diabetes field. By utilizing deep learning algorithms, machine learning techniques, and natural language processing, the system demonstrates high accuracy and efficiency in extracting primary and secondary outcomes from relevant studies. The system's performance metrics, including accuracy, efficiency, and F1 score, have been evaluated, showing promising results. This achievement contributes to streamlining the process of outcome extraction in clinical trials and systematic reviews, ultimately benefiting researchers and healthcare professionals in the field of diabetes research.