March 27, 2017
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Have you published in a high quality conference proceeding in Information Science and Technology before?

Have you found the process of getting published in a reputable journal intimidating?

Would you like to learn from experts in Information Science and Technology about the process of designing an excellent research and the intricacies of getting published in a reputable, or even top journal in the field?

The Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) is providing a platform which will ease this arduous process and facilitate the publication of your research. This symposium provides doctoral candidates and junior researchers an opportunity to learn from experts, to receive comments from them on their research, and to work with them in developing a conference paper for ASIS&T.

The captioned symposium tries to equip research students and junior researchers to develop knowledge and ability in 1) designing and conducting a sound research, 2) writing a paper and submitting it to the ASIS&T 2017 conference ( and 3) upgrading the conference paper into a Journal of the Association for Information Science & Technology (JASIST) journal article.

Date: Mar 27-28, Mon-Tue (right after iConference 2017 from March 22 -25). Submission of an abstract (300-500 words) or an extended abstract (1000-2000 words) is highly recommended.
Venue: The University of Hong Kong (HKU)
Host: Faculty of Education, HKU
Target participants: Research students and junior researchers Target group size: 30-50


$250 USD for each participant (student and junior researchers).

$100 USD for each mentor, who serve as commenters on the participants’ work and are invited to serve as co-authors for ASIS paper with the participants.

ASIS&T members can enjoy a 30% discount. Register on or before 3 March 2017 can enjoy another 10% early-bird discount.

Research students from developing countries who are ASIS&T members (visit to join ASIS&T) are eligible for scholarship (10 places). They can enjoy 60% discount. Register on or before 3 March 2017 can enjoy another 10% early-bird discount.

Deadline for registration is on or before 15 March 2017.

To register, CLICK: or

Programme: Participants are expected to be in one of the 3 stages outlined below & come prepared: (1). Design: research proposal, ethical concerns, etc.; (2). Conduct: executing the research plan, collect & analyse data with proper research methods; (3). Write-up: communicate research process & findings. When registering for the symposium, the registrant is highly encouraged to submit an abstract to form the basis for a fruitful discussion. Each participant will present the progress of his/her research at the symposium and experienced researchers will give feedback. The symposium will facilitate a close mentor and mentee relationship for all participants. Mentors and mentees are also encouraged to co-author papers for ASIS 2017 conference.

Event organizers/supporters: Asia Pacific Chapter and Taipei Chapter of ASIS&T
Khoo Soo Guan, Christopher, Chair of Asia Pacific Chapter of ASIS&T & Associate Professor at Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information, Nanyang Technological University. Ming-Hsin Phoebe Chiu, Chair of Taipei Chapter of ASIS&T & Associate Professor at Graduate Institute of Library & Information Studies, National Taiwan Normal University. Sam Chu, Associate Professor & Deputy Director at Centre for Information Technology in Education, HKU.

Speakers’ Biographies
Dr Sam Chu - Dr Samuel Kai Wah Chu, is an Associate Professor and the Deputy Director (Centre for Information Technology in Education) in the Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong (HKU). He was the Head of Division of Information and Technology Studies (2013-2016) at HKU. He is ranked as the top 66th author in the world regarding his publications in library and information science (DOI 10.1007/s11192-014-1519-9).

Dr Lynn Silipigni Connaway is a Senior Research Scientist and Director of User Research at OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. Her research investigates how and why individuals engage with technology and get their information. She is the current President of ASIS&T.

Prof. Javed Mostafa – Prof. Mostafa is the Director of the Carolina Health Informatics Program and the Director of the Laboratory of Applied Informatics Research. His research concentrates on information retrieval problems, particularly related to search and user-system interactions in large-scale document/data repositories. He currently serves as editor-in-chief of JASIST.

Prof. Lam Wai - Prof. Lam received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. He is currently a professor at CUHK. His research interests include intelligent information retrieval, text mining, digital library, machine learning, and knowledge-based systems. He is the current senior associate editor of JASIST.

Dr Xiao HU, Assistant Professor - Dr Hu is in the Division of Information and Technology Studies in the Faculty of Education of HKU. Her research interests include learning analytics, applied data/text mining, and information retrieval. Dr Hu has 4 articles published or accepted in JASIS&T, as well as several papers in ASIS&T annual meetings.

Dr Natalie Pang - Dr Pang is an Assistant Professor with the Division of Information Studies, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, and Principal Investigator at the Centre of Social Media Innovations for Communities (COSMIC) at Nanyang Technological University. Her research interests are: social informatics, collective action and information behaviour on the Internet, qualitative and mixed methods research, end-user interactions in heritage sites, and social media innovations for marginalised communities.

Dr. Tien-I Tsai – Dr Tsai is an Assistant Professor of Library and Information Science at National Taiwan University and is the chair of ASIS&T Taipei Chapter for 2017. Her research focuses on information behavior, especially how individuals with diverse backgrounds seek information and how individuals collaboratively seek, use, and exchange information to fulfill their learning objectives.

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