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From Digital Library to Digital Archive: Implementing Digital Preservation Efforts

The University of Southern Mississippi has been digitizing materials for almost two decades. Similar to other institutions, backups were considered “preservation” of digital objects. In 2013, we started learning what was really required to preserve our data. We slowly started testing methods, proving validity of tools, and implementing improvements – all with minuscule resources. After demonstrating years of data, projections for the future, and calculating the true cost – including staffing resources and time – we transitioned to a robust digital preservation system. Our journey from digital library to digital archive is not unusual and can be replicated. This session will outline the differences between a digital library and a digital archive and simple changes that can be made to get started with digital preservation. Using the University of Southern Mississippi as a case study, this session will cover digital preservation basics from identifying needs to tool selection, from piecemeal efforts to implementing a full digital preservation system. If Mississippi can do it, you can too.


Elizabeth La Beaud

Elizabeth La Beaud is the Digital Lab Manager for the University of Southern Mississippi’s Digital Collections. She holds a MLIS, a certificate in Archives and Special Collections, the Digital Archives Specialist certificate from the Society of American Archivists and is a Library of Congress trained Digital Preservation Topical Trainer. Elizabeth specializes in digital preservation, project planning and implementation, and copyright as it pertains to digital collections.