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Learning, Unlearning, and Relearning Knowledge Architecture (SIG-KM)

Dr. Bedford will talk about the process of writing the new book, Knowledge Architecture: Structures and Semantics. Over a career of 40 years, Dr. Bedford held various architecture roles and responsibilities in a rich set of contexts. The book is a translation of what she learned – written in the classic form of a knowledge book developed by Jean-Louis Ermine. This webinar will address the three challenges involved in writing the book.

First, the need to expand our perspective from traditional information to the broader understanding of knowledge capital. Second, the need to acknowledge and integrate foundations and strategies from several disciplines (e.g., economics, psychology, education, information science, computer science, engineering, operations research). And, finally, the need to advance architectural design from the traditional tactics and tools approach to a design and strategy level.

The goal of the webinar is to begin a discussion of how we can advance the dialog, reach across professions and prepare for the knowledge economy and society of the future.


Dr. Denise Bedford
Dr. Denise Bedford is currently faculty, Georgetown University’s Communication Culture and Technology, a Visiting Scholar at the University of Coventry, and a Distinguished Practitioner/Virtual Fellow with the U.S. Department of State. Dr. Bedford is a retirement failure. In 2010, Dr. Bedford retired as Senior Information Officer, World Bank and in 2015, she retired from her role as Goodyear Professor of Knowledge Management. Dr. Bedford has also worked for Intel Corporation, NASA, University of California Systemwide Administration, and Stanford University. Over her career she has also taught for Catholic University, University of Tennessee, and York University.

She currently serves as an Associate Editor of the Journal of Knowledge Management, has conducted research funded by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, and is the author of nine published books. She is the series editor for Emerald’s new series, Working Methods for Knowledge Management, which is now in its second year of production, and working on third year titles. Her hobbies include collecting and restoring 18th century MidAtlantic furniture, antique watercolors, carpets and tapestries. She is addicted to heirloom gardening, and has a pack of rescued pit bulls, chow chows and foxhounds.